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Do you…

  • Have water phobia?
  • Wish to bring your child to the pool or a beach holiday, but he/she can’t swim?
  • See slow progress from the swimming lessons that your child is taking?
  • Face challenges exercising due to an injury or physical condition?
  • Wish to swim more efficiently?

If any of these is your concern, learn how fun and easy swimming can be with Swimpanzee, and experience the joy and benefits it brings!

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Why Learn Swimming With Us?

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Discover the joy and benefits of swimming with our lessons that cater to all ages and needs.

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Our swimming lessons are designed in line with the Singapore Sports Council’s SwimSafer™ 2.0 syllabus, which aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children in a fun manner, to minimize drowning incidences.

Lessons are conducted by our friendly and experienced coaches, certified by governing bodies like the National Registry of Coaches (NROC). They are also trained in CPR and life-saving skills, thereby providing the added assurance of a fun and safe learning experience for all.

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The kids look forward to their weekly swimming lessons with Coach Bernard, as he’s able to engage them and keep them motivated to learn and improve their techniques.
Michelle Tang, mom of Kyla & Dylan
Jonathon wasn’t seeing any progress under another swim school - after two months, he’s still unable to swim without a float. My friend referred me to Coach Bernard, and within just 6 lessons, Jonathon can swim unaided! He’s now ready to go for his Swimsafer Stage 1 exam.
Elynn Koh, mom of Jonathon
I was enlisting in the army as a non-swimmer, and wanted to learn some basic swimming skills. I was referred to Coach Bernard for a “crash course”, as my non-swimmer relative also learnt basic swimming from him before a diving intro course. He is highly competent, a strong swimmer himself, and is able to keep his lessons easy to understand. Within 8 lessons, I’m able to swim 8 laps confidently. I’m surprised and happy to have such results!
Andy Tong, army recruit
Shawn is playful and has a very short attention span, so it’s hard for teachers to get him to follow instructions. We’re surprised to see him so well-behaved during swimming lessons with Coach Bernard. Being firm, yet jovial and humorous, he is able to gain Shawn’s attention and respect, so the boy is able to learn effectively under his coaching. We’re thankful to meet such a good swimming mentor!
Doreen Tay, mom of Shawn
Coach Bernard’s patient guidance and jovial personality motivates the kids in their learning. It puts us at ease that they’re in good hands.
Darren Wee, dad of Leia & Mika
After 3 stroke correction sessions with Coach Bernard, my freestyle is so much more efficient and my swim timing improved substantially. I can control my breathing and take advantage of streamline swimming, which I had never been able to understand all the while. I also clocked my best ever PB for my half ironman race. I should have known him earlier!”
Jim A. Clark, aspiring Ironman Triathlete