Group swimming lessons are a comparatively affordable way to learn swimming with others of similar skill level or age.

Benefits of our Group Swimming Lessons

Smaller Class Size (6 to 8 students max)

Our Group Swimming Classes have a smaller class size of 6-8 students, so that you or your child can enjoy the benefits of Group Learning, while receiving optimal attention from the Coach.

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Overcome Fear

Getting started on the swim learning journey can be daunting for Beginners, especially those with water phobia. For children, seeing their peers get underwater, blowing bubbles and swimming without harm gives them the courage to forget their fears for a moment and give it a shot. For adults, mutual encouragement can work wonders too!

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Fun & Motivation

In a group, no one will wish to be labelled a slow learner or get left behind. All learners in the group are motivated to work hard, so as to keep up with the progress of their peers.

Once they’ve gained confidence in their swimming skills, learners can engage in mini races too – just for some fun healthy competition that motivates them to do even better.

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Developing Social Skills

Learning in groups form the spirit of camaraderie, and helps develop social skills – especially beneficial in building confidence in shy, fearful kids.


Group Swimming Lessons are usually more affordable. Group rates are sometimes reduced with more students in the group, without compromise on the instructors’ attention or lesson quality.

Are you/your child ready to join our family of Swim Learners?
Our Group Lesson rates start from just $70/month, so join us to discover the fun & effective way to swim!

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