Many youths and adults who are non-swimmers or weak swimmers face challenges like water phobia, or inefficient swim strokes that make it extra tiring to swim longer distances.

Our swimming lessons for Teens and Adults are personalized to the learner’s needs, to help them overcome fear, build confidence, and develop their swimming capabilities.

Beginner Swimming Lessons

Suitable for non-swimmers, lessons focus on basic water skills and stroke development.

Students will learn:

  • Water confidence
  • Float, submerge, and breathing techniques
  • To swim a basic stroke (eg. Breaststroke or freestyle)

Approximate Course duration: 1-2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Intermediate Swimming Lessons

Suitable for students with basic swimming skills, and able to swim at least 50 metres unaided.

Lessons will develop:

  • Proficiency in swimming strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke & Backstroke
  • Introduction to Survival Strokes
  • Diving skills, underwater swimming and threading water

Approximate Course duration: 1-2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Advance Swimming Lessons

Take your swimming skills to the next level and discover the joys of swimming more efficiently for longer distances.
Lessons focus on swim stroke corrections, stamina and
endurance training, and more advance swim strokes.

Lessons will cover:

  • Stroke correction, breathing and streamline swimming
  • Butterfly & Sidestroke
  • Plunging and Flip Turns
  • Stamina development
  • Basic life saving skills

Approximate Course duration: 1-2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Group classes

Enrol for your preferred venue, day and time, and we will match your request with an available slot.

  • Duration: 45-60mins per lesson
  • Group size: Maximum of 10 students
  • $280 for 10 lessons*

*The 10 lessons must be completed within 8 weeks. Other standard terms & conditions apply.

Private classes

Students who prefer 1-to-1 lessons or prefer to form their own groups, can opt for Private Classes.

Available at public and condominium pools.

No. of Student/s Fees per month (4 lessons)
1 student $280
2 in a group $320
3 in a group $360
4 in a group $400
5 in a group $440
  • Duration: 45 mins per lesson
  • Frequency: One lesson per week
  • Group size: Maximum of 5 students

* Standard terms & conditions apply.

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