Although there are many benefits of a Group Swimming Class, some learners may learn better with personalised coaching and dedicated attention. If your child needs additional attention, or learns at a different pace from their peers, private lessons may be an option you can consider.

Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

Customised Learning Plan

Everybody is unique and learns differently. With private swimming lessons, our certified swimming instructors can customise the lesson plans to suit each student’s abilities and learning pace.

Slower learners or those especially fearful of the waters will not have to face the pressure of keeping up with the rest of the learners in the class.

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Personalised Feedback

With dedicated attention from the Coach in Private Swimming Lessons, the student can receive more frequent feedback on his/her techniques and skills.

This helps to correct mistakes, or make adjustments to develop their swimming confidence. Students can also ask questions without distractions from other swimmers.

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Younger/Older Students, and Students with Special Needs

Children who are very young may experience separation anxiety from their parents when placed in a Group Learning environment. With private lessons, the Coach will be able to ease your child’s fears, while showing them how to be comfortable in the water.

Pre-teens to teenagers who are non-swimmers may be less confident about swimming, and may feel more peer pressure in Group Learning. Private Swimming Lessons would benefit them better, in gaining water confidence and learning in their own pace.

Students with learning challenges or special conditions like autism and ADHD will definitely experience better benefits from 1-1 Private Swimming Lessons.


Unlike Group Classes, Private Swimming Lessons enjoy more flexibility.

You can schedule the Private Swimming Lessons on the day/time that best fits your busy schedules. When faced with unforeseen circumstances (like your child falling sick), or if you’d need to take some time off for a family trip, lessons can be rescheduled with the Coach.

This is virtually impossible for Group Swimming Classes, where students have to adhere to fixed lesson times, and no make-up classes will be arranged for absenteeism.

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More Learning Time

Although Group Swimming Lessons may be a more economical choice, students will usually receive limited feedback, and less dedicated time.

In Private Swimming Lessons, the Coach can give their full attention to the student for the entire lesson duration. With constant feedback and instantaneous corrections, students will be able to maintain more conscious efforts in learning and improving their skills, thereby accelerating the Swim Learning process.

Your child could take several more Group Lessons in order to learn the basics, due to the lack of dedicated attention.

Our Private Swimming Lessons start from $280/month for 1 student.

Lessons can be conducted at your Condo Pool or Public Swimming Complexes.

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